Connecting satellites. As a service.


Skynopy is offering an end-to-end connectivity solution for satellite operators to communicate with their satellites in Low-Earth Orbit. Skynopy proposes a connectivity based the following pillars:

End-to-end connectivity for satellites

Using an innovative paradigme of connectivty kits for TTC & Mission data downlink

Hybrid ground network of antennas

Leveraging unique networks of existing ground stations for a seamless connectivity

Sovereign Network

Ensuring sovereignty and end-to-end security of the data downloaded from your satellite and constellation


Since its creation in 2023, Skynopy has secured:


Accessible ground stations

Ground networks partners

connectivity kits partners

The founding team

With 25+ years of combined experience in the space industry, meet our founders:

Pierre Bertrand

Chief Executive Officer

Antonin Hirsch

Chief Technical Officer

Careers at Skynopy

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They trust us

Skynopy developped a wide range of trusted partners


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